Sweet & Savory Gift Set



Our sweet and savory gift set is the perfect addition to your next charcuterie board, thank you gift or hostess present. Included in each gift set is our top-selling combination of Lemon olive oil and Cranberry Pear vinegar, cabernet sauvignon cheddar cheese spread and knife, cheeseboard dipping dish, gourmet crackers, engraved wooden cutting board and tart cherry spread from the Gracious Gourmet.





Each Gift set includes:

(1) 200ml Lemon Olive Oil

(1) 200ml Cranberry Pear Vinegar

(1) Cabernet sauvignon cheddar cheese

(1) Cheese Spreader

(1) Crackers

(1) Tart cherry spread

(1) Cheeseboard dipping dish

(1) Engraved cutting board



Additional information

Pairing Flavor

Garlic Olive Oil & Traditional Balsamic Vinegar


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