Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild)



This small batch California Picual was harvested from groves in Esparto California, Yolo County. Made from exceedingly green fruit, it displays bold fruity aromas despite its delicate nature as well as exemplary chemistry including the lowest possible documented FFA, a testament to the perfect condition of the fruit. The antioxidant-squalene content is also remarkably high. Notes include green banana and stone fruit.

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Intensity: Mild

Crush Date:  November 2023

Country of origin: California 

Name Indicates Value
Biophenols Antioxidants 236.76
Free Fatty Acids Great for Drizzling 0.09
Oleic Acid Freshness 77.18
Peroxide Value Freshness 4.31
DAGs Quantity 98.3
PPP Freshness  <0.6
Squalene Freshness  12,202.6
A-Tocopherols Antioxidants 400.4

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750ml, 375ml, 200ml, 60ml


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