Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Our Greek Koroneiki has floral notes including rose petal and a creamy almond center with some sweetness. This year’s Greek crush comes from family-owned farms in Crete, Greece, home of some of the oldest olive trees. Our Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known for keeping its flavour and freshness for an extended period of time. As this varietal is cold extracted from hand-picked olives, it is best enjoyed pure.

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 Intensity: Medium

Crush Date:  November 2022

Country of origin: Greece

Name Indicates Value
Biophenols Antioxidants 419.3
Free Fatty Acids Great for Drizzling 0.30
Oleic Acid Freshness 75.5
Peroxide Value Freshness 4,4
DAGs Quantity 84.8
PPP Freshness 1.1
Squalene Freshness
A-Tocopherols Antioxidants


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