Chile Mango Lime Jam



Chile Mango Lime Jam also makes a great gift for food lovers. Add it into your favorite stir fry for a sweet kick. This fruit-filled jam, with a hint of lime and chile, also works well as a substitute for your favorite chutney. Add it to your favorite curry dish.

Aleppo peppers and lime juice add both a zing and brightness to mangoes in this delicious take on a gourmet mango jam. Chile Mango Lime Jam can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. 7.75 oz each.




Cheese Partner: Cream cheese, soft goat or spanish varieties.
Breakfast Partner: Toast, pancakes or yogurt.
Protein Partner: Fish, pork and chicken.

Ingredients: Mango, sugar, water, lime juice, orange juice concentrate, red jalapeno peppers, spices, mustard powder, salt, Aleppo peppers.


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