Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil



This beautiful, award-winning extra virgin olive oil is made from Biancolilla olives, also known as Biancuzza, a varietal that grows in the area of central-eastern Sicily. Buttery smooth and bold, drizzle it by itself over steamed or roasted vegetables, pastas and other grain dishes to add creamy complexity and full flavor.

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Intensity: Mild

Crush Date:  November 2022

Country of origin: Italy

Name Indicates Value
Biophenols Antioxidants 247.1
Free Fatty Acids Great for Drizzling 0.16
Oleic Acid Freshness 70.28
Peroxide Value Freshness 6.65
DAGs Quantity 91.0
PPP Freshness
Squalene Freshness
A-Tocopherols Antioxidants


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750ml, 375ml, 200ml, 60ml


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